Feed Me, Seymour!

We were delighted to win a pitch to create a series of social media films for a global restaurant chain this week. It looks to be a really fun campaign that will no doubt leave the crew with mouths watering! We can’t wait to get started.

Monday was all about filming the latest episode of the new series of Most Haunted – such a beautiful location to film it in too…but then of course the lights went out….!

Thursday saw in the filming of the narrative side of the music video we began filming last week which also included a celebrity appearance and men in heels! It was then off to film an event in the evening and so it has been another busy few days in Edit too, where today we’ve been making some final tweaks to a number of films we produced for a huge brand, amongst other projects.

Two of our fabulous clients have also ordered a large number of video cards from us this week, they’re going to look fab! Have you seen the demo?: https://youtu.be/JELFLaY30DY
Do let us know if these are ever of interest! video@dreamscope.tv

Have a great weekend everyone and we look forward to updating you with more next week :)