Oh We Do Like to be Beside the Seaside

We’ve had a busy old week! A few days out filming picking up some pieces to camera and filming a fantastic two day conference.

In addition, we have helped one of our wonderful clients film an exciting project themselves which we are then editing in the style of ’24’ – so much fun!!!! Cue “The following takes place between…..”, timecodes, split screens, gravelly voiceovers and action music! Matt the editor is in his element!!

We’ve also been storyboarding concepts for an exciting new project.. hopefully soon to be revealed!

This morning took us off to Blackpool to do a recce ahead of a shoot – is it just us that still shouts, “First one to see the tower!!!”?

Our director is off filming in the South of France this weekend but MediaCityUK is just as sunny and exotic so who’s jealous?! ūüėČ Speaking of which, it’s a sunny old afternoon in the City that is Media today so on that note, wishing everyone sunny, funny weekends and we look forward to catching up next week!

Autumn Already!

Blimey..Autumn! We are sad to say goodbye to what has been an exciting Summer here at Dreamscope TV, albeit the one thing missing was the sun!

In the Summer, if filming any pieces to camera, we always encourage people to be filmed outside – it always makes for a much better backdrop than indoors. It also means we have much more filming hours in the day as whilst the sun might not always be present, there is at least light!

So we may be saying goodbye to a little heat and light but we have a number of exciting film projects coming up as the leaves begin to fall from the trees (having a poetic moment there!). The next few weeks takes us to film a diverse number of projects for clients old and new – everything from filming with international table tennis stars to conferences, Universities and even a dry cleaning app – no two days are going to be the same this month, not that they ever are!

Last week, we signed off the BBC Children in Need film which the BBC were delighted with – have we ever mentioned that we have never had an unhappy customer in our thirteen years of business?!! :)

It has been an emotional week in Edit as our fabulous editor, Matt (read all about him!: Dragons’ Den Editor Joins Dreamscope TV) has edited¬†the short film we made about an incredibly strong lady who lost everything in a house fire at Christmas and the wonderful lady and team that helped her get her life back together again. When we saw the end result, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house!

So, busy, busy times ahead this Autumn. Can’t wait!

Dreamscope TV : The Next Generation

We had some exciting baby news here at Dreamscope TV this week! Our fabulous director, Darren, proudly became a first time daddy to the very gorgeous Sawyer James Hutchinson¬†on Saturday¬†– mummy, baby (and daddy!) are all doing well! He’ll have a camera in his hands in no time no doubt!

We also have another new addition that we’re delighted¬†to introduce you to –¬†our shiny new editor, Matt, who is simply fabulous and joins us from¬†the BBC’s Dragons’ Den:¬†Matt – Editor Supreme

A huge thanks also goes out to the wonderful and hugely knowledgeable team at Bring Digital for a fabulous event on Thursday morning.. and there were croissants, what more could you want?!

We’re currently gearing up for a busy September when we’ll be filming and editing all manner of projects – how is it almost September already we ask??!! More hours in the day please :)

Have yourselves a fabulous weekend and do let us know if you ever want us to blog on a particular subject or have any questions..

Tricks of the Trade

Something we pride ourselves on here at Dreamscope TV is consistently offering tips and advice to our clients and happily sharing our years of expertise in TV & video production.

Due to this we are often very kindly asked to speak at events, write blogs and the like which we love :) Here’s a recent¬†piece¬†including a few tricks of the video trade!: Getting the Most from Using Film by Louise Jones

For anyone looking to receive regular tips, do sign up to our LinkedIn Group – Free Filming Tips from Dreamscope TV

Any questions? We love to help! video@dreamscope.tv

Dragons, Ghosts & ‘Charidee’

We were so proud to film some of the Children in Need fund-raising activity for the BBC this week. We film so many fantastic things and see some fantastic places, but there is nothing like being truly humbled when working on a project such as this. Seeing people really put themselves out to raise money for a cause such as BBC Children in Need really is something else.

We have also recently¬†completed some edit work for BBC Three’s Dragon’s Den comedy spin-off ‘People Just Do Nothing’ – what fun that was. Steve, the main character in the show and also the director was such a lovely, genuine guy – the complete opposite of his character in the show! Do give it a watch, it’s a good old giggle (and of course superbly edited!): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bHb8znJo41o

Tonight marks the last episode of the third brand new series of Most Haunted of which we are so proud to be a part of the wonderful crew¬†. For any fans reading this, worry not, there is another brand new series heading your way in the Autumn. Do watch tonight on REALLY – Freeview channel 17, SKY 155 and Virgin 267. Tonight’s location will not disappoint. Capesthorne Hall was a HUGE location – don’t tell anyone but when the lights were still on we liked to pretend it was actually our house!

“Don’t have nightmares, do sleep well!”

Record Breaking Ping Pong and Houses Built Inside!

This week has taken us to even more fabulously random heights – I think you are starting to see that there just isn’t a ‘normal’ week here at Dreamscope TV!

Our week started with the filming of a piece to camera with a top academic and is about to end with the filming of a short film for the BBC here at MediaCityUK.

Tuesday took us to a fascinating facility – a unique building – a house built within a building in fact – an exact replica of a 1930s terraced house and whereby the weather is fully controllable in order to monitor energy useage. So whilst it was Summer(ish!) outside, inside we had rain, hail and snow and by ‘eck it was cold!

We are looking forward to filming a record breaking attempt for an international sporting association in October and so on Thursday we filmed a fabulous promotional piece to camera with the Head of the association ….whilst batting a ping pong ball!

In other news, we are now fully settled into our fabulous new offices. Do call in for a coffee some time and we’ll also treat you to a peek of our mini camera museum based within our edit suite!

Who knows what next week will bring? Our director, Darren,¬†is about to have his first baby any day now and so maybe we’ll be reporting on that this time next week!

Wishing everyone a great weekend!

What Do You Get If You Mix a Housing Company, a Theatre Festival and a Brand New Funky App? A Week in the Life of Dreamscope TV That’s What!

Our week started excitingly with the launch of our brand new Augmented Reality app! The app offers the chance to bring standard printed material to life via the powers of video! We’re happy to give a demonstration to anyone wishing to see the app in action – simply drop us an email to video@dreamscope.tv. Alternatively, should you wish to receive a copy of our brand new marketing pack which is fully aligned to the app, again, email video@dreamscope.tv and our friendly team will send one out. All you need then do is download the app for free at the Apple App Store or on Google Play – search for ‘Dreamscope TV’ and all will be revealed before your very eyes!

Tuesday and Wednesday took us off to film some truly, inspirational people for a housing company – our¬†videos will appear at their annual company awards ceremony prior to each awards category. It has been fabulous to hear everyone’s stories – we really wouldn’t want the responsibility of choosing the winners, it’s too tough a call!

The other side of the project has been to film the residents living in homes provided by the housing company in order to produce a celebratory anniversary film. Thank you for allowing us into your homes and for being so accommodating, it has been so lovely to feel a part of your wonderful communities for the last couple of weeks!

Today marks the start of the fabulous 24:7 Theatre Festival’s¬†‘Big Weekend’ of which we are filming all weekend. Each year we capture the media launch prior to the festival alongside creating promotional¬†trailers for a diverse mix of truly wonderful shows. We can¬†then be found, cameras in hand, hiding away in numerous theatre spaces¬†filming each and every show. We have worked alongside the amazing team at the festival for a few years now and absolutely love it….who else gets to watch a bunch of fabulously talented people perform for free?! This year’s festival will not disappoint, check out what’s on at the following and do look out for our crew!: http://www.247theatrefestival.co.uk/whats-on/

Hopefully see you there! Have a great weekend and let’s hope the sun comes back out for a surprise visit!

Exciting New Everything!!!

Blimey, what a week! So not only have we moved into our fab new office (The Washington Centre at MediaCityUK) and have even managed to fit in filming a gig with The Inspiral Carpets, a devolution event and a promo film for a housing company,¬†but we also have¬†tonnes of¬†exciting news. In fact we just don’t know what to tell you about first, but here goes…

1. New Website РWelcome to the brand, spanking new website! Hope you like it! Huge thanks to our hugely talented chums at The Media Cabin for making the dream(scope) pages a reality!
2. Brand new promo film all about us! We figured that as a company that makes fantastic films for everyone else, that we should really make one about us too, and we’re not ashamed to say that we love it! It suits Dreamscope TV perfectly – filmed with a spoonful of fun and a bucketload of quality :) What a gorgeous day we picked to film it too. You can watch online at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xipeo_T4eTc
If you like it, please give it a share!
3. In fact, there’s a wealth of new footage on our YouTube Channel. Our latest showreel has been posted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvtndAm0omc as well as our China showreel (don’t forget we also have the largest studios and production facilities in China under our belt too!). There’s then¬†an example of Interactive video, ‘Through the Eyes of Our Cameras’, ‘Point of View Cameras’, ‘Timelapse Photography’, ‘Animation & Motion Graphics’, ‘Our Global Adventures’ and ‘Motion Cameras’! Phew, the only thing we haven’t added is the popcorn!
4. Our beautiful new shiny interactive marketing pack will soon be winging its way to everyone. How is it interactive I hear you ask! Well, that’s the next new thing….the Dreamscope App – details to come soon! If you would like a pack sent out to you, please do not hesitate to drop Louise a line on louise@dreamscope.tv


So, new office, new website, new blog, shiny new marketing pack, new promo film, new showreels plus heaps of new content on our YouTube channel (search for ‘DreamscopeTV’) and an app imminent…..we absolutely love what we do and it shows in our work but blimey, thank Crunchie its Friday :)

Have fabulous weekends all!

Moving Day…

It’s the end of an era but the start of an exciting brand new one here at Dreamscope TV.

The Greenhouse at good old MediaCityUK has been a happy home from home for the last three years but as they so rightly said in ‘Jaws’, “We’re gonna need a bigger boat!”

So off to The Washington Centre we go – lights, cameras, edit suites all packed into our little bindle sticks ready to make the ten second trek across to The Washington Centre – you didn’t think we’d leave MediaCityUK did you??!!

Please do pop in to say hi at any time – our new comfy sofas are ready for you!

More exciting news coming soon from the other side……in the meantime, enjoy this fabulous weather and do spare a thought for us moving ‘shop’ on the hottest day of the year! :)