A Pizza the Action

Last week saw us filming the launch of an exciting new family attraction for a huge brand name over in Liverpool which had the crew wanting to revert to our childhood selves so that we could have a play too – we enjoyed the filming just as much however!

A couple of days later we were off to film pieces to camera for a technical film we are putting together of which has included interviews with people all over the world, showcasing their top technical tips – we love a job where we learn something too.

This week saw us creating a series of social media films for a large chain of Italian restaurants, showcasing the processes behind the making of their fabulously fresh (and tasty! – Perk of the day!) food. We then filmed another campaign for a stunning beauty salon, which looked just beautiful on camera, we have to say!

Happy 1st April, all! We couldn’t resist a cheeky April fool’s prank this morning! Did you catch our ‘how to’ article?: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/eureka-moment-dreamscope-tv-advise-how-create-your-own-louise-jones

We’d love anyone who tried to make the camera to send us photos of your attempts(!) video@dreamscope.tv  😉

Have a lovely weekend, all!

Feed Me, Seymour!

We were delighted to win a pitch to create a series of social media films for a global restaurant chain this week. It looks to be a really fun campaign that will no doubt leave the crew with mouths watering! We can’t wait to get started.

Monday was all about filming the latest episode of the new series of Most Haunted – such a beautiful location to film it in too…but then of course the lights went out….!

Thursday saw in the filming of the narrative side of the music video we began filming last week which also included a celebrity appearance and men in heels! It was then off to film an event in the evening and so it has been another busy few days in Edit too, where today we’ve been making some final tweaks to a number of films we produced for a huge brand, amongst other projects.

Two of our fabulous clients have also ordered a large number of video cards from us this week, they’re going to look fab! Have you seen the demo?: https://youtu.be/JELFLaY30DY
Do let us know if these are ever of interest! video@dreamscope.tv

Have a great weekend everyone and we look forward to updating you with more next week :)

Who Said February was a Dull, Grey Month??!!!

A good few weeks of concept writing it has been – have we mentioned we love a good old brainstorm?!! Not to mention filming and editing across a wide range of projects.

We were incredibly proud to be a part of the Capital Radio Liverpool launch when we filmed the launch promo alongside the lovely presenters and Ellie Goulding, even the 5.30am start was a pleasure! It wasn’t the only thing we were involved in the launch of. We were delighted to be involved in the filming of the launch for the then WHSmith’s Business Book of the Month.

We’re currently in the midst of creating a film for an international association that will combine a number of ‘via satellite’ style interviews with speakers from all over the world, cutting to varying software and new technology demo clips, meaning that we’ve also learnt LOTS along the way!

A film we worked on and edited is due to premier at Liverpool Pride in the next few weeks and so do keep your eyes peeled for ‘LoveSwiped’!

Filming for Most Haunted has again taken us to another array of fantastic yet bloomin’ terrifying locations across the country – watch out for the brand new episodes coming later this year!

In terms of event coverage, we filmed a great highlights film covering the incredibly informative AMBS Business Summit at Old Trafford – our crew whizzing between the varying rooms of workshops, lectures, networking, lunching and panel debates – it meant we burnt off enough calories to warrant the to-die-for potato wedges!

In addition, we’ve hosted more media training sessions – advising people on how best to behave in front of a camera, with more to come in a few weeks time.

With our studios and production facilities out in China, we of course couldn’t possibly miss the Manchester China Forum event where a new Manchester to China route was launched. We love bumping into our international clients, old and new. Have you ever seen the Hong Kong Trade Mission film we produced for UK Trade & Investment?: https://youtu.be/AkK6778425M

We even managed to fit in a couple of London trips to continue the analytical filming work we’re doing for Coca Cola across numerous high-street restaurants.

This week and next we’re off to film a music video complete with a celebrity cameo which we look forward to filling you in on in our next blog installment! Until then…..

2016 – Let’s Do This!!

Welcome to a brand new year! Hoping everyone has had a fabulous one so far!

Ours is already looking to be a busy, busy one…which we love!

Next week starts with the filming of a brand new series of Most Haunted and ends with us supporting on media training sessions for one of our fabulous clients.

In between, we are filming an exciting project that involves a world-class gymnast, a room full of trampolines and an accident-prone animated character – all in a day’s work, we say :)

On the same day we’re off to film a fascinating lecture – we learn a heck of a lot in this job!

It has been a fantastic first week back. Our brainstorming heads have been switched back on after the Christmas break – cooking up ideas for exciting Augmented Reality projects and a series of science films.

The edit suite has been just as busy, editing films with fruity drinks; Yorkshire Puddings, and even a speed-dating rom-com! We’re all about diversity here at Dreamscope TV :)

Wishing everyone a lovely weekend and we’ll be in touch with more next week!

Jump, Jump!

Wow, lots going on here at Dreamscope TV this week! Where to start?!

Tomorrow takes us back to support on the second round of media training sessions for one of our fabulous clients. We love to see people at the beginning of the process who haven’t necessarily been in front of a camera and daunting lights before and then to see them again the following week with a new found confidence!

Tomorrow doesn’t end there either! In the evening, we are looking forward to filming an exciting new restaurant launch in Manchester (we love a job where we know the food is going to be fabulous too!)!

We are quite literally jumping for joy this week having won an exciting pitch to produce a video for the nation’s leading trampoline park! Full details coming soon! All our projects are so diverse and this one was a fabulous one to brainstorm and really get our teeth into! Filming begins in February – we can’t wait and shall have a little bounce around the production office to celebrate :)

Has anyone been watching our fabulous friend and colleague, Yvette, in the #ImACeleb jungle? She’s doing so well and we’re so proud of her! She’s never one to lose her sense of humour and down to earth nature – Yvette for Queen of the Jungle!

It is our team Christmas ‘do’ this Friday (we have to fit it in amongst the hectic filming schedule!) and so we are very giddy about putting the office tree up on the same day, exchanging Secret Santa gifts followed by a bloomin’ good festive feast and crazy golf! Ho ho ho :)

And The Award Goes To….!!!

Well, this time last week we were gearing up to film Most Haunted Live and what a weekend it was! As well as his technical function on set, our director, Darren, again was seen as part of the on-camera investigation crew which on this occasion, also included Paul O’Grady.

What a Live it was! We are again proud to have contributed to a show that on the night trended globally and was the largest viewed show on a non-terrestrial channel.

We managed a little break on Sunday and then on Monday it was straight back into filming the latest episode of the fourth brand new series of Most Haunted. No rest for the wicked on all accounts!

We were also proud to have filmed a prestigious event on Thursday evening, with more to follow next week.

On another note, voting closes today for the Talk of Manchester Business Awards. We’re up for Best Video Production Company! If you haven’t already and can spare 30 seconds, a vote in our direction would be really appreciated!!:    Our incredibly good pals at Down at the Social are also up for Best PR Company and Best Social Media Company if you wanted to give them a vote or two too!

It’s our first weekend not filming for a little while and so we fully intend to make the most of it! Have fabulous ones too!

More Ghosts and We’d Love Your Votes :)

Our week began with the filming of the first episode of the brand new series of Most Haunted, which will be on your screens next year on REALLY.

In fact, as we write, we are in the final week of prep for the big event….Most Haunted Live, airing 9pm – 12.30am next Saturday 31st October. Halloween is back!!!!

It has now been confirmed that Rylan Clark and Jamie East will present the show and Paul O’Grady will join Yvette and Team in investigating what we already know will be a bloomin’ terrifying location!

In other exciting news, we are hugely proud to have been nominated for a Talk of Manchester Business Award for Best Video Production Company! If you could kindly spare a few seconds to vote, that would be fabulous! https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/ZTWCCCS

Our fabulously talented friends and PR gurus at Down at the Social are also up for Best PR Agency and Best Social Media Co, so do give them a vote whilst you’re there :) Huge thanks! Have lovely weekends, all!

Live Ghosts, Cruise Ships, Infamous Brands & Drink-Making

It has been a crazy, busy but exciting few weeks here at Dreamscope TV HQ!

Last week saw the airing of two TV ads we have worked on for a fabulous global river-cruise company – currently being shown across SKY, ITV and Channel 4 groups of channels. The ads are voiced by the fabulous India Fisher whose voice you may recognise as the voice behind Masterchef – and what a pro she is!

We have worked on a couple of great projects together with our wonderful chums and creative partners at Zeal Creative, also at MediaCityUK, for a couple of huge brands, which has been an absolute joy – one a film for a great promotion and another an animated digital sheet, similar to the ones you see on the escalators of the Tube.

It is now only a matter of weeks until Most Haunted Live – due to air this Halloween, Saturday 31st October. Aired on REALLY 9pm – 12am, it is currently all hands on deck! We can’t wait! The satellite trucks are booked, gallery truck, presenter and celebrity ghost-hunter – to be revealed on the night! It is going to be EPIC….and bloomin’ scary to boot!

This week we have been out to film at a drinks manufacturers to create two promotional films. One film showcasing their company’s history and heritage and the great team behind the drinks they create and the other film focusing more on their incredible research and development capabilities. We also captured some beautiful timelapse imagery of the manufacturing processes – a fascinating day all round!

Until next time….

Ads, Live ‘Telly’ and a Kiefer Soundalike

We are working on a TV ad for a client at present and this morning it was time to record the voiceover courtesy of the very fabulous India Fisher – you may recognise India’s voice from Masterchef – what a pro! We’re all off to book elocution lessons!

We have had the fantastic news that there will be a Most Haunted Live this Halloween – live on REALLY. We can’t wait! There is so much to do in preparation but it is always a delight working alongside the Most Haunted team. We cannot disclose the location just yet but trust us, it won’t disappoint! We look forward to updating you further.

We worked on a really fun film for a client last week with a ’24’ stylee theme complete with, “The following takes place between….” (courtesy of our client’s fabulous Kiefer-esque voiceover), indoor sky-diving and dramatic intro! We have a very happy client and a very happy team who loved working on it, especially editor, Matt, who we’re going to call Matt Bauer (as opposed to Bower) for the rest of the week at least 😉

The TV ad we’re working on is due to air a week today and so we’ll come up for air then! See you on the other side :)

Oh We Do Like to be Beside the Seaside

We’ve had a busy old week! A few days out filming picking up some pieces to camera and filming a fantastic two day conference.

In addition, we have helped one of our wonderful clients film an exciting project themselves which we are then editing in the style of ’24’ – so much fun!!!! Cue “The following takes place between…..”, timecodes, split screens, gravelly voiceovers and action music! Matt the editor is in his element!!

We’ve also been storyboarding concepts for an exciting new project.. hopefully soon to be revealed!

This morning took us off to Blackpool to do a recce ahead of a shoot – is it just us that still shouts, “First one to see the tower!!!”?

Our director is off filming in the South of France this weekend but MediaCityUK is just as sunny and exotic so who’s jealous?! 😉 Speaking of which, it’s a sunny old afternoon in the City that is Media today so on that note, wishing everyone sunny, funny weekends and we look forward to catching up next week!