A Pizza the Action

Last week saw us filming the launch of an exciting new family attraction for a huge brand name over in Liverpool which had the crew wanting to revert to our childhood selves so that we could have a play too – we enjoyed the filming just as much however!

A couple of days later we were off to film pieces to camera for a technical film we are putting together of which has included interviews with people all over the world, showcasing their top technical tips – we love a job where we learn something too.

This week saw us creating a series of social media films for a large chain of Italian restaurants, showcasing the processes behind the making of their fabulously fresh (and tasty! – Perk of the day!) food. We then filmed another campaign for a stunning beauty salon, which looked just beautiful on camera, we have to say!

Happy 1st April, all! We couldn’t resist a cheeky April fool’s prank this morning! Did you catch our ‘how to’ article?: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/eureka-moment-dreamscope-tv-advise-how-create-your-own-louise-jones

We’d love anyone who tried to make the camera to send us photos of your attempts(!) video@dreamscope.tv  😉

Have a lovely weekend, all!